Love In The Night by This is Genevieve

Love In The Night is the 2012 Spring/Summer collection designed by Genevieve Er for This is Genevieve and focuses on Swimwear.

The mood of the collection was inspired by the Rick James song “Love in the Night” which allows the pieces to have their own voice and scream individuality and beauty.


It is a collection that combines three essential components of a modern woman’s life and it brings them together in one place. This collection embodies love, romance and intrigue.

This is Genevieve is designed exclusively by Genevieve Er and with every new collection it exceeds expectations. The designs are new and exciting and they accentuate the femininity of every woman.


The softer colour palette of this collection with it’s Bijou Blue, Carnation Pink, Heatwave Red and Aqua is sure to suit the colouring of every woman. Gorgeous hand beading assists with the embodiment of individuality and femininity.

Extending from the swimwear focus of the “Love In The Night” collection is the selection of dresses that will have you covered for every occasion.


All of the dresses in this collection can be transformed with the right accessories and shoes to take you anywhere you need to go.

Whether it’s a beach side brunch, casual lunch or interesting and exciting first date requiring a fabulous first impression – all you need is a variety of different shoes and accessories and you have all of these looks covered with a This is Genevieve piece from the ‘Love in the Night’ collection.


There is not a woman alive who doesn’t deserve the beauty and magic of a This is Genevieve piece.

To find out more about this exciting label and for a list of stockists you can head over and check it out at:

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