Review and Giveaway: Canterbury Sheepskin

There is nothing better on a cold winter morning than to slip into a pair of super comfy sheepskins. Actually, it’s not just cold winter mornings it’s also afternoons, evenings and at the end of a hard day.

Sheepskin boots should be a staple wardrobe item in every Australian home, especially across the bottom half. I always have a couple of pairs to keep me warm and cozy on those frosty mornings and icy nights. I honestly don’t think I’ll be needing any of my other pairs though, not since slipping my feet into a brand new pair of luxurious Canterbury Sheepskins.

I received my boots, courtesy of Canterbury Leather International Ltd, on Wednesday and it was love at first sight. The second they came out of the box they were unwrapped and on my feet… and that’s pretty much where they have stayed since.

Canterbury Sheepskins are made in New Zealand by Canterbury Leather International Ltd, a company established in 1974. They pride themselves on offering customers the ultimate in comfort, quality and design. Canterbury source premium hides to produce the highest quality hand crafted sheepskin boots and accessories.

Wool is a fibre unmatched in the world because of its unique ability to warm in winter and be cool in summer with the ability to absorb moisture without feeling wet.


Canterbury Sheepskins are made with specially reinforced heel supports and luxurious sheepskin insoles. They pride themselves on combining functionality with comfort which is what saw the development of the ‘The Sheepskin Wellingtons’; a PVC ankle boot with a lambskin insole and a sheepskin shaft offering nice dry feet when squelching in those early morning winter sports with the kids.

The boots that I am currently wearing, and in love with – destined to never be far from my feet – are the AVA, tall fashion boots boasting a genuine sheepskin upper with 15-17mm wool pile. There is an open top to allow folding down to create a wool collar which changes the look quite a lot for those who like to change up their footwear. The AVA also boasts a P.V.C side stitched NZ sole with feminine profile, suede leather heel guard, heat set and shaped heel support, heat keeper on inner sole of boot and a cushioned removable insole.

The AVA is available in sizes 3-9 and either Chestnut or Black.

There is a wide range of boots, slippers and other apparel, all of which can be viewed on the website at:

We have 1 x Pair of AVA Canterbury Sheepskin Boots  to giveaway to a lucky Beauty and Lace reader.

To enter, just leave a comment below telling us why you would love to win a pair of Canterbury Sheepskin boots?

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112 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway: Canterbury Sheepskin

  1. I would love to win a pair of these Canterbury Sheepskin Boots to wear on cold wintery days watching my son play football 🙂

  2. It’s winter and the only time I have warm feet is in bed under the blankets with thick socks on and my feet under a well heated wheat bag! Canterbury sheepskin slippers will keep my feet warm when all else has failed!

  3. No better way to pamper my feet
    Than to AVA Uggie that stylish yet discreet
    Full length indoors
    Cuffed on dance floors
    Heel support and cushioned for comfy fit
    With Canterbury Sheepskin the warmth’s exquisite
    For early morning walks or evenings lounging around
    I’m confident these Uggies will never let me down.

  4. I have MS live in the Hills and feel the cold terribly especially my feet a pair of AVA Canterbury Sheepskin Boots would be a godsend to have toasty warm feet !

  5. I have never in my life had a decent pair of boots as yet, thats why I would love to win these sheepskin Boots! My feet would love them!!!

  6. I would love to win a pair of Canterbury Sheepskin boots for my mum who had to move from the Northern Territory to live with me and is always complaining of feeling cold. They would help keep her warm in style and put a smile on her face.

  7. I’d love to win a pair of AVA Canterbury Sheepskin Boots. I love my Ugg slippers. They are a cheap knock off version and desperately need replacing. They are the first things I put on in the morning and the last things I take off at night. They are like fleecy cuddles for my feet.

  8. I’m part reptile, looking for a hot rock to bask on … or perhaps sheepskin boots to warm me from the ground up!

  9. I’d love to win these so I can surprise and pamper my Mum with these beautiful Canterbury Sheepskin.

  10. Flashing curves in shiny jumpsuit, scratching eyes out on the dance floor using my warm feet to boot alcohol violence with sheppishly great dance moves

  11. My Husband has a vile pair of sheepskin boots with the furry bits on the outside. He has had them since 1974 and he won’t let me throw them out but I think these might change his mind.

  12. I’ve transferred fro the Tropics to chilly, cold south… I’d never seen frost before… Save my tingly toes… wickedly warm them with Canterbury Sheepskins…. sheepishly stunning!

  13. Jack Frost is here. The pipes are frozen so there is no water let alone hot. My feet are so cold that they are numb. If my feet are fold I feel cold from head to foot even though I am wearing thick clothes which sould me me toasty warm. I oh so desperately need some new sheepskin boots size 9. I don’t care what colour they are. They will keep my tootsies warm then I will feel warm all over. Canterbury in N.Z .produces some of the best wool, sheepskin in the souther hemisphere. (Our woollen carpet in Parliament House in Canberra comes from N.Z.)

  14. C omfortable
    A VA
    N ew
    T errific
    E asy
    R einforced
    B lack
    U ltimate
    R ock’n
    Y eah

    S oft
    H eel
    E legent
    E xcited
    P VC
    S tunning
    K ool
    I nsole
    N Z
    S upport

  15. My $3 thin synthetic slippers have just died yesterday, there were lots of holes on the soles I could see the bottom of my feet through them. Would love to replace them with something very good quality, in natural fiber, that would last me a long time & wouldn’t embarrass me if a visitor were to drop-in unexpectedly at home.

  16. Away with the chilblains
    And my frozen blue toes
    Canterbury Sheepskin – oh they know!
    Boots for the winter – not just for show.

  17. My Husband is always Complaining about me rubbing my Cold feet on him so a Pair of these Boots would stop his Complaining By Keeping me Cozy.

  18. If I’m toasty warm I’m happy…if I’m cold I’m cranky. My family will love you if I win a pair of these boots.

  19. If my feet were cold at the time i go to bed then I won’t be able to fall asleep until they become warm, these sheepskin boots can keep my feet warm at all times.

  20. Growing up in a tropical place, I find Sydney winter to be unbearably cold, especially when I get up in the morning, away from the warmth of my bed. Winning this means my feet will be warm even in the freezing morning as I prepare breakfast for the family. No more trembles and shivers.

  21. I would really love a pair of real sheepskin boots instead of my smelly, old imitation boots I’m currently trotting around in. These are baa-ewe-tiful!!

  22. I hate winter feeling cold if my feet are cold I get chilled to the bone these are perfect for me, they’ll keep me warm and stop the whining whimpering noise I make when I’m freezing

  23. OMG…why wouldn’t I ..:)
    I have bad health these days and I hate the cold…..with a passion!!
    I would absolutely love a pair of these rippers…cause once my feet are cold thats the end of me…:(
    ohhh the thought of such luxury on my feet is just wonderful.
    Ive got everything and everyone crossed…. hehe

  24. My chilblains say “yes, please”. Rain followed by frosts is playing havoc with the circulation in my poor toes.

  25. My feet are bitterly cold at my baby’s 4am feed.It would be lovely to slip my feet into Canterbury sheepskin boots to keep them warm and snug while tending to my baby.

  26. Winter’s here,
    House is cold,
    Feel it more,
    As I get old.
    Sheepskin boots,
    Is what I need,
    Keep tootsies warm,
    They’ll do the deed!

  27. Wanting the ultimate,
    I find these boots,
    New and warm,
    To walk around town,
    Envious people will stare,
    Ravishing canterbury boots I wear.

  28. Positives- Warm, snug, spongy, supporting sole, knee height to keep my whole leg warm resulting in all over body warmth, Preventing chillblains on my usually frosted up feet.
    Negatives-.??????? = 0
    THAT’S why i want a pair!!!!!!

  29. To keep my HANDS warm! When I’m freezing they’d keep my toes toasty but also my hands as they’re tall enough for me to curl forward in my chair and put my hands in my cosy Canterbury Sheepskin boots!

  30. because they can be worn for both comfort and style. They can be worn with a casual outfit or can be worn with a smart trendy outfit – a super addition to any wardrobe

  31. I love that these come up past the calf. My feet really feel the cold and it would warm my whole body up to have slippers with such length.

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