The Bag Organiser

Who needs a tool belt when you have the Bag ‘O’ thanks to style icon Michelle Gemperle.

Australia loves the Bag Organiser – a little bag with lots of pockets that pops in and out of your handbags with all your essentials kept in place.

Michelle had always wanted to run her own business from home combining being a loving mother and wife whilst pursuing her passion for style. “Everyone woman should be a style icon no matter what the role they play in life. The Bag ‘O’ lets me change handbags everyday with ease so I look fantastic at the theatre, the art gallery even the supermarket!

Michelle was raised in the Philippines and says her mother – a successful business women in Manila – was always her biggest source of inspiration. “Family get you through the day along with a little help from the bag organiser!” says Michelle with a twinkle in her eye.

Michelle found the bags on an overseas trip. She says “The bags were such a find I could not wait to bring them to Australia to show all my family and friends. They were so popular I set up an online store myself to keep the retail price down and they walk out the door.” Representing the ultimate in both practicality and style, the Bag Organiser is a simple product that instantly transforms the functionality of absolutely any handbag, regardless of its style or size. The fashion assistant women have been waiting for.

The Bag Organiser is a nifty, practical product that includes specific pockets for storing all your handbag essentials. There’s a dedicated space for a mobile, pens, cosmetics, purse, keys, sunglasses…the list goes on. The Bag Organiser enables you to easily find any personal effect inside your handbag – within seconds.

The Bag Organiser comes in three convenient sizes: small, medium and large. So, even as handbag sizes and shapes change to suit the latest fashions, the functionality of the Bag Organiser remains.

handbag organiser


I have a growing collection of handbags and changing between them can become inconvenient, especially with all those little must have essentials including: purse, mobile phone, lip balm, pen and sunglasses.

The Bag Organiser is a new accessory which makes swapping bags a breeze. It comes with multiple compartments so you can keep the contents organised and locate them as needed.

The Bag Organiser is lightweight, which makes it ideal as your handbag gets carried around and you don’t want any unnecessary weight.

Because it comes in a variety of sizes, the Bag Organiser will fit into most handbags. Plus, they come in a range of colours to compliment your bags interior.

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