Tluxe is a Sydney born and bred brand, birthed on a kitchen table by the beach in 2006!

Rebecca Powell is the creative director behind the brand and she built it on a foundation of leisurely luxury in keeping with the Australian way of life and inspired by Coco Chanel’s philosophy that ‘Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury’.


The original concept for Tluxe centred around deluxe tee shirts and has grown from there, now in it’s 8th season Tluxe is proving to be the go-to brand for fashion basics made with the highest quality fabrics to ensure a smooth silhouette even when the pieces are worn the way they were designed to be worn – in layers!

The Tluxe brand retains it’s individual and unique sense of style with Powell’s keen eye for detail. The collections feature longer line sleeves, engineered seams, fabrics and colour palettes designed exclusively for Tluxe. All of this, and more, combines to demonstrate what sets Tluxe apart from their competitors.

It isn’t just comfort at the forefront of Tluxe’s philosophy, they also have a social conscience. Tluxe cares about the environment and is supportive of local industry and best of all – Tluxe, wherever possible, makes use of organic and sustainable yarns like bamboo, cotton, cashmere and Merino wool to name a few.


Tluxe is a brand that is collecting quite a following, and with some quite well known names!

Topping that list of celeb Tluxe lovers, and currently a hot topic of conversation, would have to be Miranda Kerr and her beautiful post baby body. Her recent David Jones catwalk show accentuated her trim figure which was achieved by yoga, care of Bondi yoga teacher Charlotte Dodson, healthy eating and pilates. Charlotte has been Miranda’s yoga guru for years and the two share an appreciation for the Tluxe take on yoga wear.

Charlotte Dodson is a huge fan of Tluxe and this is what she has to say about the brand:

“It’s refreshing to find a label that designs stylish, eco-friendly pieces that I can wear to teach and practice in. Ultra-comfortable, skin-healthy organic cotton jerseys and bamboo are naturally perfect for yoga. Tluxe suits my whole lifestyle, whether I’m on or off the yoga mat.”

The ethical and environmentally conscious approach that Tluxe takes to design animates the beautifully cut and streamlined pieces which allows the super-soft fabrics, produced without earth-damaging techniques, to leave the most lasting impression. The cuts of these pieces are ergonomic to enable the breathability and fluidity of movement that is essential for yoga practice.


Keep an eye on Australia’s Next Top Model on Fox8 as well. Charlotte Dodson will be on the show on August 29 to teach the contestants the finer details of a sun salutation and she will do it wearing some of her favourite Tluxe pieces; the Fatima hooded poncho, Bambi leggings, and Anya stretch wool fleece top.

Charlotte loves the Fatima Hooded Poncho, the Tatiana Romananova cardigan and the Bambi leggings.

Emma Balfour has been chosen as the model for the Spring Summer Tluxe collection and some of her favourite pieces are: Vera W panel tee & Coco C pants, Maria C singlet & Jil S pants Rachel and the R maxi dress.

We are fluctuating between seasons a little bit at the moment. It is still well and truly winter, but there are days that definitely hold the promise of spring which means it’s a perfect time to get in and check out Tluxe – for a few more days all winter stock is heavily reduced to make way for new season stock.

The Spring/Summer Collection will be in stores this month and available to buy online from September 1st.

Tluxe is stocked in selected boutiques and there is a dedicated online store. A complete list of stockists and the online store are available at:

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