Winter Warmers with Diana Ferrari

The seasons are fast changing and the cooler weather means it’s time to start making changes to the wardrobe; and if you have had a year anything like mine it means that you and your wardrobe aren’t really getting on all that well.

I will be doing quite an overhaul because I have managed to shrink out of all my winter clothes, and I’m pretty happy about it. Who can complain, a smaller body and an excellent excuse to shop. For many years I have loved the idea of shopping but not enjoyed the reality at all, this year that has changed and I am having a wonderful time shopping – a little too often if the truth be told.

My latest expedition has been to Diana Ferrari where I have been browsing the online store and checking out all the winter offerings.

There are some gorgeous items on offer and of course I got stuck looking at boots because what winter would be complete without a new pair of boots.




If you want boots they have a glorious range of ankle boots, knee high boots, wedges, heels in black, cream, tan  … oh I could sit and look at boots all day. AND if you go over there right now they have 30% off ALL BOOTS until the 26th of May.

That’s not all, they have some great savings on denim, pants and skirts until the 26th of May, and selected dresses are $75 off until Sunday May 19th. So get in-store or head to the online boutique and check out the range.

I am on the hunt for knits this winter, and Diana Ferrari have some gorgeous knits. My favourite is the Bebe Soft Roll Neck Knit. It’s a long sleeved knit with rib detail and a big fluffy rolled neck. The knit is 46% Acrylic, 35% Polyester, 15% Wool and 4% Nylon. But what I like the most about it is the colour blend. I could definitely see myself cosy and warm in that this winter.

Head over to and see what brilliant bargains you can pick up this winter. My suggestion would be to do it now while there are so many specials to be had.


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