7 Accessories to Take on Your Summer Travels

Summer is such a great time to hit the road (or fly the skies). Between its seemingly endless days and sultry nights, there’s something magical about this season. Our laid back attitude makes it the ideal time to see the sights we’ve been dying to see. And with the kids out of school, family vacations over the summer are a must. You don’t want to be bogged down by bags upon bags of clothes, though, as traveling light makes everything easier. An excellent way to do this is by bringing a few strategic outfits and changing these up with the use of accessories. Need some travel packing inspo? Read on for seven accessories you should definitely take with you on your summer travels.

  1. Hats Off to You

This suggestion is dual purpose, as it not only helps you to change up your outfits but it also keeps the sun off your face as you see the sights. Of course, it’s not 100 percent coverage; so make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, too. From trucker caps and sun hats to fedoras and floppy hats, the possibilities for how to top things off are seemingly endless.

  1. Cute Shoes That Won’t Kill You

It goes without saying that you want to look terrific as you travel, but are those blisters from the chunky heels you brought really worth it? We think not. Pair some emerald green flats with that little black dress you bought. Add some funky jewelry and you’re as fashionable as you are functional.

  1. A Couple Pairs of Shades

Like hats, sunglasses can add as much safety as sass to your ensemble. You need to protect your eyes as you take in the sights, so shades are a must. For those worried about losing them due to the chaos of traveling, consider buying a few pairs of trendy yet affordable sunglasses. If you think you’ll be working out, you should have some that are more appropriate for exercising, and at least one extra pair that looks more formal for dinners out, etc.

  1. Just the Right Amount of Jewelry

If you love jewelry, this might be the hardest part. Those who love jewelry tend to pour their whole box in their suitcase, as it’s hard to part with our favorite pieces. But jewelry is heavy and this can make a difference, especially if you’re flying. Consider picking out your five favorite pieces that seem to go with everything and pack those. You’ll still look great and won’t have to pay those annoying fees for going over the weight limit on your luggage.

  1. Swim Cover-Ups

Of course, if you’re heading somewhere that’s actually cold during the summer months, disregard this one. Most likely, though, you’ll be going somewhere that allows you to hit the ocean or at least sit by the pool. In fact, entire days might go by without you wearing street clothes, as you’ll be in your bathing suit all day. Instead of wearing a tee and shorts over your suit, bring a couple of cover-ups. They are so easy to pack and, if you do it strategically, they won’t be wrinkled and will take up next to no room—a true win/win.

  1. A Couple of Purse/Bag Options

Depending on how long you’re gone, you likely want to bring two purse options. One could be your purse for daytime excursions that is perhaps a bit bigger (a Hobo bag comes to mind) that will hold your water bottle and a sweatshirt if the weather looks like it could take a turn. The other would be more of a clutch, as this would be a bit dressier for dinners and other evening events.

  1. Some Cool Weather Options

You might be going somewhere that is hot and humid all day and night for 350 days a year, but you just so happen to hit the area on its only off week. That doesn’t mean you need to pack a bunch of bulky jackets and such, but you should bring something for a cool evening or two. Whether it’s a scarf, cardigan, jean jacket, or wrap, make sure you’ve got something just in case.

Believe it or not, you probably only need about 3-4 outfits for a week’s worth of vacation. If you’re strategic in packing the accessories off this list, no one will even realize when you’ve “recycled” one. Safe travels!

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