CMUK Sneakers

If you thought it wasn’t possible to find a pair of sneakers you actually want to wear for under $50, there is a new brand in town offering just that and it goes by the name of CMUK!

CMUKs are lightweight sneakers which help strengthen your feet because they are similar to sporting bare feet (although if you have orthotics you can slip them in for extra support), and you can throw them in your bag for that after work activity.


They come in a range of different colours and even the laces are coloured – there is nothing boring about CMUK!

They are slimline so they don’t just HAVE to be worn for exercise, they will look cute for a day out shopping or at the beach…whenever comfort and personality is required!


There are so many uses for CMUKs, the walking commute to and from work, your zumba class, gymming it or just day to day wear and they are comfortable enough that you can wear them regularly.

CMUKs come in European sizes, from 36-46. If you are unsure of your size I would go a little bit bigger as they do seem to be a bit of a slim fit.

It’s $49 for your first pair, $44 for your second pair, $39 for the third pair, $34 for your fourth pair and $29 for the fifth pair!

For further information and to pick up your very own CMUKs visit:

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