O’Neill One Way Runway

O’Neill is searching for the Spring Summer 2012 campaign model, and this isn’t going to be just any gorgeous girl who can pull off a bikini. This has to be a super special gutsy girl with the courage to walk the One Way Runway and jump off the end into the sea in only the new O’Neill Superkini.

The Superkini is an innovative new swimwear design made from new nanofront material. This awesome new material sticks to your body when it’s wet which will keep you looking sexy all the time, in the water and out. Which will do you big favours jumping off cliffs, hopefully it will minimise the chances of a wardrobe malfunction when flying through the air.

This search is being run through Facebook, between April 1st and May 15th, which gives everyone an opportunity to enter and have their friends help get them to the finals!

Oneway Runway model search

The O’Neil One Way Runway winner will be chosen by a judging panel which includes supermodel Elyse Taylor, professional O’Neill surfer Malia Manuel and top fashion editors and stylists. In September 2011 the winner will be flown to a secret beach location for a photo shoot to star in the Spring Summer 2012 campaign.

That’s the major prize, which is FABULOUS but even making it to finals is sounding pretty fantastic so read on for all the details.

To enter the competition for this off the planet opportunity you need to upload a picture of you getting some airtime at www.facebook.com/oneillgirls. Next step is to get all your friends over to vote for you.

Twelve finalists from the O’Neill Girls Facebook campaign will be flown to Ibiza in June to walk the One Way Runway for the judges. The twelve finalists will be made up of the three girls who gained the most votes and nine girls chosen by a judging panel that includes supermodel Elyse Taylor and Raine Jackson, professional O’Neill surfer.

Before you go racing out to get your photo organised there are some eligibility criteria you must meet.

You must be over 18,  hold a valid passport and be available to travel to Ibiza, Spain from June 7th-10th, 2011.

If you meet this criteria and aren’t averse to jumping off a perfectly good cliff then I urge you to get on over to www.facebook.com/oneillgirls between April 1st and May 15th to enter.

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