Real Style: Amber Renae

Amber Renae is a Celebrity Stylist who has recently launched a women’s online store where you can shop for fashion based on your body shape and skin tone. Amber recently took some time out to tell us about her personal style and showed us one of her outfits.

You can visit the shop here:

Tell about you’re yourself and your personal style:

I love inspiring and educating women to be the best possible versions of themselves they can be!!

As a qualified Civil Engineer, and with over a decade in the Fashion industry I have learnt so much about dressing for your body shape and your skin tone and how transformative these simple tools can be.  It’s now my pleasure to be able to teach women everywhere how to look and feel great about themselves!!

My personal style motto is that one can never wear too much bling, and as you can see I love bright colours, and taking fashion risks whilst always remaining glam!


Where would you wear this and why does this work for you?

This works for me for a number of reasons: firstly the colours. I have a cool skin tone, so these beautiful blue hues perfectly compliment my tone.  As an hourglass body shape, I look best when I’m emphasising my waist line, so I’ve given the top a casual tuck.  This shot was taken at MBFWA when I was at the designers show, but this outfit: pants, casual top and block heels is a big go-to for me.  What I love about these particular pieces is that I’m comfortable enough to manage a stressful day, whilst still feeling chic and stylish and not in ‘boring black!’


Explain each piece of clothing and where you got it: 

The top and pants are both from QLD brand Talulah.  The designer Kelli is an old friend of mine and it’s been such a pleasure watching her brand grow into the powerhouse  it is today! What I love about this outfit is the clashing patterns, which is often really hard to do.  The way to do this well is to either match tones or match shapes in each of the prints.  This time Talulah has made it super easy for you, by matching both, so it works really well!

Tell us about brand:

My brand, Amber Renae, aims to inspire, enlighten and entertain.  In the fashion industry, I have previously worked as a Celebrity Stylist, Fashion Editor, designer, TV Presenter and more importantly, personal stylist to everyday women.  Now I love to divulge my knowledge to help everyone live a stylish existence.  Please join me on my blog (, Youtube channel ( and Instagram (@theamberrenae).

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