Real Style: Brittany Bennett (Miss Radar)

Brittany Bennett has recently launched an online fashion boutique, She has an eye for style and the store features a selection of designers and in particular, up and coming labels which will help to shape the future of fashion.

We asked Brittany to choose a typical outfit from her wardrobe and tell us wear she would wear it and why she loves it! The lovely Brittany went above and beyond and put two outfits together for us, take a look:

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your personal style…

I have been in the fashion industry since I was 15 working for major labels in Australia and Internationally. After 5 years overseas I decided to move home and try something new. After 1.5 years in PR I decided to take all that I have learnt and mix it with fashion so I can have the best of both worlds- hence why I started

I am pretty lazy when it comes to fashion so it is best that I have lots of great labels, staples and stand out pieces on hand because I am usually inclined to wear the first thing that I can find. With the outfit below, I usually stay away from grey when it has been raining but I love my Konstrukt bag and new jacket so much that I wanted a plain palate to show them off.


Tell us where you would wear this outfit and why you think it works for you

I would wear this outfit anywhere. I would probably pair it with thongs or boots though if I was just kicking around Bondi. I do think it is very versatile though.

Explain each piece of clothing and where you got it…

The Story by Tang Basics ‘Entrance’ dress is valued at $220 but is currently $170 as I am clearing stock. I love it because it is a simple comb. cotton dress that is easy to wear but the ruche detail brings it up a notch. The Intarsia Melbourne coat was a very exciting find for me as is all about up and coming labels. I was not too impressed with the woollen coats available last winter as I felt that they were not made very well and the quality was average- then i found this label and they use 100% merino wool and are beautiful.

No annoying woollen ‘bubbles’ yet! I sell it for $275. Konstrukt was another exciting find for me as they are once again a very new label. I stock their shoes, bags, belts and hats and I love that they use leather and suede contracts of generally 2 different colours. This bag is also so soft and amazing! Sells of $200. Samvara shoes have been around for a while and they are nice and easy. They are valued at $235 but are $170 at the moment.

Tell us where you would wear this outfit and why you think it works for you…

I would wear this outfit anywhere except a night club.

Explain each piece of clothing and where you got it…

I am wearing the new season Nookie ‘Joy Spectrum Crop Knit Sweater’ in Coral valued at $165. It is such a nice piece as it is soft, bright (which I love) and I love the crochet detailing on it. The Talulah ‘ Take You Away’ skirt was a very new look for me as I never really wear 3/4 skirts although I do love it and feel very inspired by it. It is valued at $130 and fits like a glove but is very comfortable. The Samvara ‘Naya Pouch Bag’ has just been discounted to slightly- it is usually $330.

I love this bag, it is so soft and you can fit everything in it and then (surprise) it has compartments so you can find it again. I am wearing the Samvara ‘Cha Cha D Wedge’ again but I probably would have gone for the Konstukt ‘Heureux Heel’ in Coral and Luna Blue to tie this outfit together. I just didn’t have it on hand.

Tell us a little bit about your online store:

My idea for is to position it as the hottest new online shopping spot for ‘on- trend’ fashion forward people. The plan is to discover and determine new and exciting trends within the marketplace- scouting for looks and designs that are new and inspiring, allowing customers to revamp their wardrobe with passion and set their own trends.

Given the current market, I run a Deal of The Day everyday (except for when I forget) on my Facebook page so customers can ‘steal’ new stock for a great price. I also keep a blog which highlights what the celebs are wearing, my fav Aussie and international photoshoots, campaigns etc.- all that can tie into items that I am selling

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