Review: Bras ‘N’ Things Extreme Cleavage Strapless Bra

Strapless bras are uncomfortable, your cleavage falls flat and you are constantly having to pull them up? Not anymore! If anyone was going to change the way we wear our summer frocks, it was going to be Bras ‘N’ Things. I really believe that bras should be something to invest in, we wear them every day, after all.

After having two kids a little extra va-va-voom is certainly appreciated, and with the new Extreme Cleavage Strapless Bra you will look up to two sizes bigger.

bras n things extreme cleavage

There are a few key reasons why I would recommend this to readers. The bra gives you a snug fit, it doesn’t cut off your circulation but it does stay up! When you are relying on your stapless bra to keep everything where it should be a good fit is essential. The back straps are reinforced for additional support and you really won’t feel like you are wearing a traditional, saggy bra.

I’ve been wearing the black version and the smooth, clean lines make this extremely versatile under any dress or top. This isn’t a bra you buy to suit just ONE outfit, you really will be able to wear it time and time again.

bras n things extreme cleavage

You may still be lingering on my previous comment that the Extreme Cleavage Strapless Bra can increase your bust by up to two cup sizes. Now I am going to explain how – in the lower part of each cup there is a lightweight, foam pad which helps to push up your bust which gives you a fuller effect. To the side of each cup is a smaller pad which pushes your breasts together slightly to give a more defined, cleavage look. Both factors result in, you guessed it, extreme cleavage.

I’ve tested it and I love it, and if you don’t believe me you should pop into your nearest Bras ‘N’ Things and the lovely ladies will be happy to fit one for you.

The Bras ‘N’ Things Extreme Cleavage Strapless Bra has an RRP of $49.95 and comes in black, skin and purple/black leopard print. To find your nearest stockist visit or phone 1300 556 626

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