Bra Fitting – Fact or Fiction

Bra fitting can be a challenge and so many of us get it wrong. We asked Cara Le Provost, an experienced Fitting Expert from Bras N Things to sort the facts from the fiction in the following bra fitting mythbuster.

The back of the bra should go across your back in a straight line.

FACT – The bra should run a straight line across your back, if it is riding up it means the bra is too loose across the back and it will not offer much support.

Your bra should completely cover your breasts.

FICTION – It depends on the effect you are trying to create. For example a push up bra’s purpose is to push the bust out of the top of the bra but a minimiser bras purpose is to minimise the appearance of the bust so most of the bust is covered to compress the breast.

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Your shoulder straps should be as tight as possible as this is what offers the most support.

FICTION – Bra straps should be tight enough to offer support without being so tight they are cutting in. Common sign of bra straps being too loose is straps falling off the shoulders. Common sign of bra straps too tight are marks left on your shoulders when you take your bra off.

A 12B is the same cup size as a 10C.

FACT – The 12B cup and 10C cup are the same but the back of the 12B is one size bigger in the back.

It is OK for an underwire bra to feel uncomfortable at times.

FICTION – When a strapless bra is fitted correctly you will forget your wearing it.

You should stay away from underwire when pregnant and breastfeeding.

FACT – The breasts fluctuate during pregnancy and breast feeding, if the underwire is digging in it may damage the milk ducts and become uncomfortable.

It is important to get fitted regularly.

FACT- Women’s bodies are constantly changing through hormones and weight gain/loss. You should get fitted every time you buy a bra even if you are buying the same style.

It’s OK to put your bra on backwards if you can’t reach your back.

FACT – It doesn’t matter how you get your bra on as long as you get it on.

An incorrectly fitted bra can create the look of back fat.

FACT – The most common side effect of an ill fitting bra is the look of back fat from the bra cutting into the flesh.

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Your breasts should sit close together in your bra.

FICTION – If you are looking for support in your bra we recommend you getting one that separates’ the breasts to reduce the weight and bounce factor.

It is important to wash your bras in a lingerie washbag.

FACT – Washbags protect your lingerie in the wash so they last longer and they also stop your underwires damaging your washing machine.

Investing in a quality bra is worth it.

FACT – Not only will they last longer and fit better they will be more comfortable.

Strapless bras will always need to be readjusted throughout the day.

FICTION – If you get fitted by a Bras n Things fitting specialist they can fit you for a strapless bra that is the perfect fit for your body shape so you are not fidgeting with your bra all day.

Big busted girls cannot wear strapless bras and need to stick to something plain.

FICTION – Bras n things have supportive strapless bras up to an F cup and a huge range of fuller cup fashion bras. The days of boring fuller cup bras are gone!

A poorly fitted bra can result in back pain.

FACT – If your bra is not fitted correctly it can cause pain and unnecessary strain on the back and shoulders.

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